• 2019


ACC Declining claims

This is News!

2019 was a year of lost productivity for our clients and lots of fun for us.

We explored new methods to decline, added new team members and consumed more caffeine than ever!

Plus, we contributed to ACCs savings earning a great bonus. We're offering a corrupt ACC resolution service with awesome accessors that write just what we need. A full report on all the things we did in 2019 shows great returns to our shareholders and an 84% decline rate achieved by our ACC resolution service Un Fairways. Bring on 2020

Get ACC cover
Get ACC cover
  • 280,000

    Claimants declined

dentist-dentistry declined
  • 522,934

    Treatments declined.

  • 380 Million

    380 Million saved, only 5 million in bonus paid.

ACC resolution
  • 140,000

    Claimants suspended.

ACC cares but not for you
Lawyer experienced in ACC work
  • $522,934 per assesser per year

    Hundreds of thousands of treatments declined on internal assessors' advise. senior internal assessors base pay over 1 million.

  • 720 Million saved

    720 Million saved, Out of every 1,000 builders off work through disability, 900 will be labeled as due to illness, not accident by ACC assessors. ACC only provides compensation for accidental injury, not an illness

  • 5400

    Car accident victims declined

    200 wheelchair applications declined

    12000 dentistry applications declined.

    5800 children declined counseling services

    ACC shareholders demand more saving

    Shareholder bonuses to increase

ACC New Zealand
  • 5400

    Client Projects Declined

  • 5200 self employed declined ACC cover

    Client Projects Declined. Builders targeted in a campaign to remove the ACC cover and force thousands onto benefits. 

  • 124

    Countries where our investments are located

ACC disputes 2019
  • 340,980 reach the opt out list

    ACC is a no-fault scheme that covers both New Zealand residents and visitors to the country. The scheme provides financial compensation and support to offset costs incurred by anyone who has been injured in an accident, regardless of how it occurred or whose fault it was.

    Founded back in 1974, it is a compulsory scheme which aims to improve the quality of life in New Zealanders. It is quite unique with only a handful of countries around the world operating such a system.

    ACC has a huge opt out list it uses to avoid claims, including blaming accidents pre 1974 for current injuries. degeneration is the most commonly used word.

  • Insurance we work together

    ACC works in partnership with other insurance companies to protect you. Our shareholders and interested parties.

  • 700

    Support Team Members Earn Bonuses

car-accident-damage-crash declined ACC
  • 560

    560 overseas trips approved as staff rewards. 28 consultants win world trips.

  • 212,980

    300,000 cases resolved 212,980 removed from ACC cover

ACC bonus
  • 3

    Executive compensation bonuses over 1.5 million

ACC Dispute
  • 1500

    Team Outings as rewards for budget targets meet.

Declined ACC
  • 300

    Immigrants declined treatment because of paperwork errors. 

car-accident-damage-crash declined ACC
  • 280

    Undertake customer care training

wheelchair selection to suit
Staff training
Staff training
Accessibility fritter festival Whangarei
ACC Declining injury claims
  • And...

    Lots of Fun!

ACC customer training 2
  • 2020

    We want to pay more bonuses to compliant staff thank you, our staff, for being a part of it. Just wait till you see what's planned for 2020!

    Shareholders demand bigger returns.