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ACC Disputes help you with your ACC Claim not being accepted have you been treated unfairly by ACC get in touch with an advocate. 

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Often ACC clients find themselves in a dispute with ACC they may end requiring the services of a good dispute advocate or lawyer that is expert in the use of ACC laws.

ACC Disputes the website has been created by Glen McMillan as a user of advocacy services. ACC I know from personal experience is very hard to deal with.

Let us help.

ACC disputes advocates or lawyers will review your ACC file, let you know about your rights at a tribunal an expert can help you with claims/disputes concerning your treatment or lump sum payments.

ACC uses FairWay Resolution Service. They seem to be anything but fair.

If you have reached the point where FairWay Resolution Service has become involved you are advised to seek advice. ACC will use anything you say or do against you.

Contact an advocate or lawyer listed on this website.

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Accurate Record Keeping Is A Key Component To The Success Of Your Claim

ACC relies on the correct filling out of forms your greatest asset in your battle with ACC may be good book keeping. We cannot stress enough record everything keep those records.

ACC may try to trick you they will deny anything you can not prove ACC relies on the correct filling out of forms your greatest asset in your battle with ACC may be good bookkeeping. We cannot stress enough to record everything to keep those records.

A good advocate or lawyer will guide you through the battle ACC will very likely give you. In my case despite 6 reports from accessors that have accessed my case face to face and ruled in my favor. ACC has used an internal accessor living in another city to write a report in ACC's favor and based their decision on the one internal report.

I have now been completely through the process I needed an advocate to get through it was hard going. We ended up in a review hearing after more than a year in a battle with ACC their case collapsed totally meaning an easy win. It never should have come to that.

ACC Disputes this website creates a doorway between the internet being Google and Facebook social media pages set up to let people dissatisfied with ACC to tell their story.

A 2018 report claims 69% of cases referred to internal ACC medical assessors are declined.

That is very high should we the New Zealand public question that?

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