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ACC Declining claims

2019 was a year of lost productivity for our clients and lots of fun for us.

We explored new methods to decline, added new team members and consumed more caffeine than ever!

Plus, we contributed to ACCs savings earning a great bonus. We're offering a corrupt ACC resolution service with awesome accessors that write just what we need. A full report on all the things we did in 2019 shows great returns to our shareholders and an 84% decline rate achieved by our ACC resolution service Un Fairways. Bring on 2020

ACC Disputes New Zealand

ACC Disputes this website is set up to create a doorway between the internet being Google and Facebook social media pages set up to let people dissatisfied with ACC to tell their story.

A 2018 report claims 69% of cases referred to internal ACC medical assessors are declined.

That is very high should we the New Zealand public question that?

ACC ( Accident Compensation Corporation ) New Zealand has a reputation for declining claims based on dubious information and rely heavily on internal medical assessors are these assessors corrupt? More below.

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Glens shoulder injury 2016-2019

Some medical assessors line their own pockets at the expense of genuine claimants and often the medical assessor's internal report conflicts badly with accepted medical opinion.

ACC New Zealand is, after all, an insurance company responsible to the shareholders, like any insurance company ACC is trained to decline as many claims as possible budgets are expected to be met.

People are moved from ACC onto the public system to save ACC funds. In many cases, certainly in my case discrimination is rife, any way ACC can find to wriggle out of claims they will use.

Invisible injuries like head injuries or back injuries are always a battle.

It is 2019 I think in order to defend yourself against the ACC medical assessors declining claims you need to keep a digital library.

If ACC can blame things on the past medical history they will write things to suit their needs and fall back on crooked medical assessors.

This is how I see ACC working they are trained to select and remove the weak and vulnerable people because they are the easiest targets.

ACC declining claims, unfortunately, these answers may not be the answers you wanted. ACC is declining cover to hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders each year using ACC internal medical advisors.

I am included in these hundreds of thousands so I want to tell everyone just how ACC uses medical advisors, how they operate and discriminate against New Zealanders that become firstly accident victims then ACC victims.

Glen McMillan advocate for human rights
Glen McMillan advocate for human rights