• 2019


ACC Declining claims

2019 was a year of lost productivity for our clients and lots of fun for us.

We explored new methods to decline, added new team members and consumed more caffeine than ever!

Plus, we contributed to ACCs savings earning a great bonus. We're offering a corrupt ACC resolution service with awesome accessors that write just what we need. A full report on all the things we did in 2019 shows great returns to our shareholders and an 84% decline rate achieved by our ACC resolution service Un Fairways. Bring on 2020

ACC Medical Assessors

ACC is certainly corrupt in a corporate way internal medical accessors only stay in favor and therefore on the ACC payroll as long as they are giving as many decline decisions as possible if they don't ACC will shop around to find one that does. This is the real world in 2017 between 200.000 and 300.000 people were declined.

A 2018 report suggested that ACC medical assessors decline 69% of claims referred to them

I am reluctant to name names on this website but there is a great network of social media groups that do not mind naming names to follow the links to one of these groups and ask others, name names lets shame these people.