• 2019


ACC Declining claims

2019 was a year of lost productivity for our clients and lots of fun for us.

We explored new methods to decline, added new team members and consumed more caffeine than ever!

Plus, we contributed to ACCs savings earning a great bonus. We're offering a corrupt ACC resolution service with awesome accessors that write just what we need. A full report on all the things we did in 2019 shows great returns to our shareholders and an 84% decline rate achieved by our ACC resolution service Un Fairways. Bring on 2020

My name is Glen McMillan I am a customer of ACC and a victim of ACC. this website ACC disputes is my creation one of many I am an online publisher and website designer.

Below is an example of some of my work

To help fund this website I would like more work any website enquires can be directed to me at info@googleexperts.co.nz

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