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ACC Disputes help you with your ACC Claim not being accepted have you been treated unfairly by ACC get in touch with an advocate. 

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ACC Advocacy Service

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Outsourcing Your Stress

This website is built for advertisers to list their services this website is fully optimized for any device screen size. We expect to rank highly on google for many years.

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Complications this is ACC you are trying to deal with, often at a stressful time in your life, there are going to be complications. You may think you can cope and ACC will look after you. Often that is not the case.

ACC Disputes this website creates a doorway between the internet being Google and Facebook social media pages set up to let people dissatisfied with ACC to tell their story.

A 2018 report claims 69% of cases referred to internal ACC medical assessors are declined.

That is very high should we the New Zealand public question that?

See links below to popular FB pages put together by ACC customers.

ACC Exposed on Facebook
ACC Claimants Support and Help Group
ACC Focus
ACC disputes on Facebook
ACC disputes on Utube
ACC Claimants Support and Help Group
Loveley Books Opotiki


ACC Advocate Services

ACC Dispute Advocate Services you will find advocates on this website to guide you through the ACC process.

ACC legal Services

ACC Dispute legal Services you will find advertisers on this website to help you through the ACC process.

ACC Advisers

ACC Dispute Advisers normally work for ACC there may be independent ACC Advisers that would be interested in advertising on this website. Contact us via email, please.

ACC after Bike accident
Financial Advice

Financial Advise

Financial advise. Often an accident can put people and families in financial trouble. This can be very sudden and very traumatic for family members. You may suddenly need financial advice urgently.

We encourage budget advisers and financial advisers to also advertise on this website. 

Earnings compensation

ACC will pay earnings compensation for casual or non-permanent employees: ACC bases their calculation on all PAYE earnings in the last year. ACC will pay up to 80% of your income as weekly compensation if you’re unable to work because of an injury they are covering

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